On the rooftops in Berlin: Mission UWC

Here it is, my first official “post” about things I am doing. Today was a wonderful day filled with lots of laughter and hugs. One of the UWC Atlantaic College alumni, Lena, who was also at the selection weekend, had contacted me about doing a video for the German UWC website. After school I went to meet her and “the crew” at her sister’s apartment (which looks like it was pulled out of a modern architecture magazine  – absolutely beautiful, homey and mindblowing!)  I met her sister, who is a great singer and even sang for famous German TV shows, her sister’s friend, who is working with her and Lena’s childhood friend Domi. After sharing a coffee I was guided through the beautiful apartment and went to the “set”, which was staged at a rooftop balcony. Surrounded by colorful flowers I sat down on a chair, got equipped with a microphone and realized the big camera that was already placed in front of me. With Domi as the cameraman and Lena as my motivator and director we started filming. Of course, I should mention what exactly we were filming: A small video for the UWC website, in which I am introducing UWC, myself and the necessary steps for an application. Doing the video was challenging but also fun and we could not stop giggeling – about me speaking to fast, jokes or just stories of our lives and Lena’s unforgettable time at Atlantic college. From time to time our video shot was interrupted by loud airplanes flying over us and by clouds covering the sun, however, we got finished with the video quite quickly and then took some photos after we chit chatted about surfing and religious holidays, before I had to leave for my theater play at school. The whole crew was wonderful and it was great to see Lena again, so that we decided to have Chai Latte together (I will tell you about my addiction to this exotic beverage in another post, possibly at the airport).  I was impressed by the professionalism of the team and by the amazing atmosphere in the apartment. It is great to know people like that. Talking to Lena, I realized how happy and thankful I am about my chance to attend a United World College. Thank you for the wonderful time, Lena and Domi – I am excited to see the video!