The art of packing a suitcase (and how I deal with it)

It is time for my first rather informal post. I have THREE full days left in Berlin. Time flies!

At this point I have to admit that I still have not started packing yet, but I have been piling up things I need to pack in one corner of my room for quite a while now. My mom watched that pile grow taller and taller every day and today she decided to remind me that starting to pack would be a good idea.

I am a master at packing. Packing sushi into a semi-full stomach and then squishing in Chai Latte and a brownie after, that is. Even though I have spent most of life traveling to Turkey, to the U.S., through Europe and of course, back home, I still have not mastered the art of packing.  I’ve done it for years, yet I always panic when I see my self-made list of things that I have to pack. Most of the time I end up not having enough space in my suitcase or backpack and taking excess stuff with me in bags, or even putting it on. I’ve been known to un-do pleats forever and transport wet laundry across Europe (if anyone from my Italy crew reads this, they’ll know what I mean) . It was clean, just didn’t have time to dry.  My suitcase looks fine when I travel somewhere – I usually just realize that I forgot to pack certain things, thus buy them at my final destination and return home with a suitcase that looks like a hot mess inside. Folding clothes on my way somewhere usually works out, however on my way home rolling things is my only trick, which means there are a few cinnamon bun-like things rolling around in my suitcase doing nothing at all.

Since I decided to follow the Hawaiian value of “Makaukau”, being prepared and ready for Hong Kong (my packing list is the longest I have ever written), I also looked up some packing techniques and crossed off things on my list that I thougt I will need, but probably won’t. There really is a subtle art to packing, therapeutic almost, like sorting your life out. The size of my pile decreased and now looks like an even stack of clothes and stuff…. and I am very happy about that.  So, tomorrow will be the day I will hopefully finish packing… most of the things I need. (I still have no idea how I am going to cope with my luggage problem: I am only allowed to take 30kg of luggage with me + 8kg carry-on… whaaa!)  Something I am definitely packing  is luggage-related stress! But I am glad there is good old German chocolate to cope with that. ;)