A farewell and a famous surprise

Today was the day Sascha, a good friend of mine and colleague from the Berlin Student Committee (Landesschülerausschuss) boarded the plane to Italy for his UWC adventure at the United World College of the Adriatic in Duino.

Together with his best friend Janosch, I went to the airport to wish him farewell and all the best. What seemed like a dream months ago was now becoming reality! UWC so close! I still have three days left, which means I am in a state between slowly realizing I will truly go to Hong Kong and between thinking that I still have time. Thus, being at the airport and seeing Sascha rush his luggage to the check-in was bittersweet. The entire air was loaded with excitement and the less minutes remained till boarding, the more I became aware of the fact that I won’t be able to see Sascha until next summer, while Janosch started to realize that both Sascha and me will be leaving him for quite a while. We all met in the Berlin Student Committee, and did not only become great “work partners”, but also friends, always attending each other’s events, presentations, projects and hang-out days. We had about thirty minutes left till boarding when I started asking Sascha a bunch of questions,that were too classic to ask: Are you excited? What will you do when you arrive? How long is your flight? How excited are you? 😀

We spent the rest of the time joking, talking about our secondyears, our subject choices and discussing the IB recognition in Germany. Then it was about time for boarding.

While Janosch and me stepped aside a little to give Sascha and his family a little bit of privacy while saying goodbye, Janosch realized that one of the men sitting by the window behind us was a famous actor. I looked at the man who was dressed in jeans and a dark button down shirt, and yes, indeed he was famous. It was Max Ballauf (Klaus Behrendt) from the German crime television series  “Tatort”.  It is kind of like the German version of CSI and the longest running crime series shown in the German speaking countries here in Europe. As of March 2013, 865 episodes in total have been produced!

After taking photos with Mister Behrendt we walked Sascha to his gate, where it was time to say “goodbye” I gave Sascha a big hug, wishing him all he best for UWC. Watching his mom hug him and cry was very emotional for all of us. (I am a little scared of my send-off at the airport this Friday). Sascha slowly started to walk through the security check, while we stayed there waiting for him to disappear behind the wall of grey frosted glass that seperates passangers from non-travelers, still waving at him every time he turned around. None of us dared to move. Right after we could not see Sascha anymore, and tried to comfort his mom, Mister Behrendt from Tatort showed up again, this time with his movie colleague, Dietmar Bär (Freddy Schenk). Just like crazy teenage girls Janosch and me started to giggle. Mister Behrendt must have read our minds or probably just saw the camera in our hands; he asked if we wanted a photo with  Mister Bär , who was giving us a big smile, as well. Of course we did! How could it have crossed our minds that we would meet the famous Duo “Ballauf and Schenk” one day?!

Sascha, we wish you all the best at UWCAD. You’ll make the best out of your time there! Stay as you are, enjoy the beauty of Italy and come back even greater than you are right now! Hugs from your  friends from Berlin!