Let the journey begin

This will be my last post from Germany 🙂

After a long night of successful packing, I’m finally down two one huge backpack and two suitcases. I knew from the beginning that I’d have trouble with packing, but I never imagined that fitting your life into 38kg could be that hard. Anyways. I am done with packing. The suitcases are locked, decorated with my name tags and ready to go!

I still have an appointment at the dentist to get my retainers (for night use) before I go to the airport. Last minute appointments are supposed to be the best, right? 😀 So right now I’m sitting in the kitchen with a cup of Chai (my last Chai for a while ..), staring at my backpack that is almost as tall as me. I can’t believe I’m really flying to Hong Kong! I can’t wait to meet everyobdy and see my second-years at the airport!!

My flight leaves at 7pm formTegel airport in Berlin. I will fly from Berlin to Istanbul and then straight to Hong Kong! What makes me happy is that I will meet my Turkish co-year Belce and my Greek co-year Angelos in Istanbul. He promised he will be waving his Greek flag so that I can find him, I hope he really does, otherwise I will be running around at the gate yelling his name until I meet him! 😀

Stay tuned, new posts from Hong Kong about my room, my roommates and everything will follow soon!