First day at Li Po Chun

After taking pictures at the airport, sahring our flight experience and getting our bus tickets (our lovely second-years got them for us. Mahalo!!) We lifted the suitcases in the bus, and the went “upstairs”. Still smiling about everything and staring out of the window we started our ride to the school. Laughing with our second-years about experiences, thinking about the nostalgic value of our greeting, looking outside and talking about the city we enjoyed the time in the bus. After arriving at the station that was close to our school, we grabbed our luggage and walked to our “new home”. There it was: the big gate with the sign “Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong”. We checked in at the entrace gate, received our keys and then set feet onto the campus. It his huge!! The residences consist of four blocks. I live in Block 3. Our secondyears took us to our rooms. My door was decorated with a beautiful “welcome” sign and photos. Each room hosts four students. We carried the suitcases to the corner that would be “mine” for the next two years, consisting of a desk, shelf, bed and closet. My desk was decoarated with chocolate, sweets, a Chinsese fan,noodles, a bowl, chopsticks and sweet little notes from my roommates, second-years and buddy. What a weodnderful greeting!!  My roommates are from Hong Kong and Thailand and just lovely. After having some time to unpack and get settled, my Turkish second-year Cengiz gave me a brief summary of his plans for tomorrow (I am invited for pancake-breakfast) and then my German second-year Anraham took me on a little campus tour. It started raining and just after touring through Block 1-4, it was time for him to go to the gym for a rehearsal. Squished under one umbrella we walked there and on the way back to my Block, I was accompanied by a second-year from Hong Kong.
After emptying all my suitcases and decorating my corner with pictures from home, our room turned into a wonderful meetingpoint. Many first-years and second-years came and we sat down in a circle, introducing ourselves, talking about everything and anything and asking each other a bunch of questions. It was wonderful After everyone had left it was time for a shower and the stack of letters, that I was now finally allowed to open. The more envelopes I opened and the more of the letters I read that all my freinds from Germany had written for me, the more I felt happy and sad at the same time. Thank you so much for those wonderful lines. I love you and will miss you!

Now I am going to bed (Gotta catch up on some sleep). Goodnight, I new photos of my room and the campus will be uploaded tomorrow!