Amber rain

The sky was quite dark when we woke up. Just before breakfast it started to rain. I have to admit that the weather is quite confusing for me. 😀 In Germany it is impossible to wear shorts and a T-Shirt when it’s raining because the weather instantly cools down. Here it is still warm! It was raining so much that we had trouble walking to the cantine for breakfast, constantly slipping on the wet floor. The stairs had turned into little waterfalls and the sound of thunder gave the atmosphere an exciting touch. While standing in line for breakfast I heard my co-years talk about “amber rain”. I looked outside, but to me the rain did not have the colour of amber. At my table I found out that the term amber does not refer to the color of the rain, but to the amount of rain falling. The Hong Kong Observatory has a special rainstorm warning system that is designed to alert the public about the occurrence of heavy rain and it’s potential aftermath.

There are three levels of warning: AMBER, RED and BLACK. The AMBER signal gives alert about potential heavy rain that may develop into RED or BLACK signal situations. As mentioned we had amber rain today, exceeding 30 millimetres in an hour. The rain continued for a few hours and after we ran to the assembly hall for the morning briefing we were sad when we heard that the pool games were canceled.