The Germans are coming! Sushi and Human rights

The world is so small. One of my teachers from Germany, Frau Wilde, came to Hong Kong! Her son had decided to live here, after getting married to his girlfriend from Hong Kong. What a coincidence. Together with Jeremy and Hannah, I jumped in the MTR to go to Tsim Sha Tsui and fin the famous clock tower in front of the culture center, where we were supposed to meet here. After walking around for quite a while and searching for Frau Wilde as well as for Hannah’s favorite drink (bubble tea), we finally found her. Jeremy and Hannah left, to get some shopping for the tutor meeting done and Frau Wilde and I strolled around the Avenue of Stars until we found a cafe to sit in. The view was breathtaking as always and the Chai Latte (yes, I finally had Chai Latte here!) made me so happy, that I can’t even put it into words. Frau Wilde told me about the new freshmen at my school back in Germany and how my friends are doing. Then we talked about life at LPC, school, Quan Cais and shared our impressions of Hong Kong. For me it still feels so surreal to be here! She had brought me a big bag full of stuff that my parents had sent me and I could not wait to go back to campus and see what exactly was in it! It was wonderful to have a “German-talk” and our ways parted with a big hug and lots of greetings to my friends and parents back in Germany. I hooped onto the MTR and enjoyed watching the city pass by as the sky turned dark. Hong Kong at night is something else. Back on campus I rushed to my room, where my roomies and extended roomies had been waiting and opened the big bag. My mom had packed a few pairs of shoes, T-Shirts, a rainjacket, and Turkish delights for me. Running out of sweet treats is impossible! 🙂

Two days ago, my fifth year from Germany, Cornelia, came. She had met my dad during one of the UWC Germany meetings so it was quite funny when we both told each other “I have heard a lot about you”. Since it was October third, the day of German unity, a national day commemorating the anniversary of the German reunification of in 1990, we decided to have a German dinner. Since Abi, my German second year and Cornelia were very busy, we decided not to go out for dinner, but rather bring it on campus. Lucas, my “adopted” second year (he is half German, but came here through the Norwegian national committee) took Vincent (from Austria) and me to Ma On Shan to get sushi for all of us. It is not very German, yet nobody can deny that it is delicious and since there is nothing close to German food here, we decided to eat something we all loved. While waiting for our sushi, Lucas showed us an organic store and we were surprised to see that most of the goods were from Germany! Seeing the words “Rübenzucker” or “Bratöl” in Hong Kong is quite an experience!












Back on campus, we decided to enjoy our German dinner by the poolside, sharing our stories about UWC and listening to Cornelia telling us how LPC used to be five years ago. After sushi it was time for another Global Issues Forum presentation. This time held by Cornelia as a guest speaker. We ran to the lecture room, where everybody had already arranged the chairs and pillows to sit on. Cornelia gave a presentation about human rights and looked at them from different perspectives, comparing them as an idea and a law. She gave us insights to the Universal Declaration of Human rights and showed us which countries had signed them and which not. The presentation was followed by a big discussion with the main question being the universality of human rights and their cultural/religious sensitivity. Once again it was wonderful to see the amount of respect the students had for each others opinion. Even though I would have never expected that, I realized that people’s view on human rights are quite different and highly influenced by many factors. Therefore the perception of human rights that a student from Palestine had, were contrasted by the perception of a student from Canada.