MESCA meeting and Temple Street Night Market

What happens when two friends decide to make Turkish “un helvasi” (halva) for a MESCA meeting, but do not have the necessary kitchen equipment? Well… stirring milk with a chopstick while listening to Queen and pouring the halva into a massive bowl that could fit five kilos of it becomes an art.  Not to mention that Belce and me shaped the halva into cute little eggs, with the help of spoons and ended up painting the Block 4 kitchen white with flour. No matter how hard making the halva was, at the end it turned out to be very yummy.




















During our MESCA meeting we discussed whether clothing affects a person’s modesty or not, enjoyed a good cup of tea in the spiritual room and then headed to the courtyard to play a traditional Pakistani game that Bilal taught us.

Later on, we all sat down in the lecture room and watched videos introducing our home countries. Sitting on the floor and indulging to Middle Eastern music while discovering the beauty of all the different countries was wonderful. I decided that I want to travel all of them!


The wonderful evening concluded with a quick trip to the Temple Street Night Market, a popular street bazaar, named after a Tin Hau temple. We first grabbed fresh coconut milk and warm egg waffles before we headed to the actual market. Walking  under the glare of bare light bulbs, we admired beautiful traditional crafts.  There were hundreds of little stalls, offering knock off Gucci handbags, to carefully embroidered Chinese jackets and pretty much anything: trinkets, tea ware, electronics, watches, menswear, jade and antiques and fruits. Temple Street is a spectacle as much as it is a shopping experience with is street street side booths selling traditional food and clusters of fortune tellers offering palm readings, tarot cards and more. Magical.

DSC_0360 DSC_0358