A little bit of paradise in Hong Kong

Our first day of Midterm-break started with lots of sunshine and a wonderful surprise. We had planned to go to Tai Long Wan, one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful beaches, but Miranda and Nicole decided to surprise Jessica and me by taking us to “a wonderful place somewhere else”. So we hopped on a bus to Sai Kung (my favorite place in all of Hong Kong, because it looks like a tropical little beach town with the flair of a fishermen village) We bought coconut juice and soy milk and then took a cab that would take us closer to our surprise destination. It dropped us off at the Sai Wan Pavillion, which marks the beginning of a beautiful hiking trail. Slowly Jessica and me started to realize that we were going for a hike! I cannot put into words how happy I was,  since I absolutely love being outdoors.




The scenery was stunning: green mountains, little islands scattered across the water…  Our surprise destination was approximately 8 km away. We walked slowly, enjoying the wonderful view and taking lots of pictures. Every now and then other hikers would pass by us, greeting us with a warm smile and a “hello!” and wishing us a good time. The hike was full of surprises, hundreds of stairs and slopes, beautiful mangroves and even cows! After a while we decided that we should make use of the sun and hike in bikinis just like the friendly people who had walked by us. And so we did, we continued the rest of the hike in our swimwear, enjoying the warm sun rays on our skin.



The time went by incredibly fast, and a few hours and sore legs later we arrived at a rural village which marked the end of the trail. It was calm, and all inhabitants had seemed to disappear. We walked on the little paths that were guiding us through the village until we reached a clearing. And there it was, our final destination and little piece of paradise: a deserted beach with beautiful grey sand and small waves softly hitting the shore. We started screaming and jumping up and down with joy, while trying to take our hiking shoes off. Running on the soft sand and throwing ourselves in the water felt wonderful. The beach was absolutely stunning, completely secluded by the lush green hills surrounding it. We swam a little, then started taking photos and then discovered a little cave that we went to explore. Around sunset we started to head back, looking forward to the 8 km in front of us. Accompanied by wild dogs we followed the path that had brought us to the beautiful beach and later on enjoyed seafood in Sai Kung. What a wonderful day, I could not have been happier!


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