18th Birthday and a big surprise!

I  always saw this day coming but could never imagine it happening. Yet, there it was. I turned 18 yesterday! It is not like I woke up and the whole world was different – my transition into adulthood is a gradual one of course, yet I have to admit that I do feel different! 🙂

The night before my birthday I was working on a presentation for this Thursday’s Global Issues Forum that will be themed after the European Cultural Evening together with my co-and second-years from Finland, Norway and Austria.  We were finishing the PowerPoint presentation  and enjoying Finnish chocolate when right at midnight the classroom door opened and my co-years from Block 3 came in and started singing “Happy Birthday“. Before I could even realize what happened I was covered in hugs and birthday wishes and was kidnapped and carried out of the classroom.  I was dropped off in my room where my roommates were already waiting for me with a handmade poster full of birthday wishes and a puzzle with quotes for me.  Right when I started reading them, the lights turned off, everybody started singing “Happy Birthday“ and Yuki carried in a birthday cake.  Following a Hong Kong tradition I had to cut it without touching the bottom o fit, otherwise I would never find true love. The cake was fluffy and delicious and topped with mangoes that were arranged like a roses.  We talked about the perks of being 18 and whether I feel “old“ now or not. My table was decorated with more surprises and birthday gifts. I was moved to tears but at that time I did not know that the biggest surprise was yet to come. “.  I had a wonderful 18th birthday, filled with lots of laughter,  sweet messages, and the LPC tradition of drumming on the tables and singing “Happy Birthday“during breakfast and lunch.  At 5:00pm I went to the school gate, because I had promised meet my co-year Belce and Turkish second-year Cengiz there  to pick up the “chubby Turkish businessman“ that wanted supposed to visit LPC.  I waited for twenty minutes, but nobody came. Very irritated because both Belce and Cengiz are never late, I walked back to Block 3.  A little later I decided to go back to the gate again, thinking that I might have had the wrong time in mind. Once again I asked Alfred, the guard, whether any visitor came. The very second I turned around I saw Cengiz and Belce walking towards me. More surprisingly: my mom running towards me. I could not believe my eyes! I was so surprised that I could not even move! As my 18th birthday present she had decided to come to Hong Kong and spend a week with me! Cengiz and Belce had picked her up from the hotel. Still in shock, I hugged her as tight as I could and it was a lovely reunion with lots of tears. Cengiz and Belce recorded our reunion: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=696334857051573&set=vb.100000251968060&type=2&theater

After hundred more hugs, when I had calmed down we showed her around campus, and introduced her to everyone. The best part is: she will be here for the Europen Cultural Evening! That night we also watched one of our second-year Samantha‘s independent project (I think I already mentioned that the independent projects are plays that are written and directed by our theatre students) and the performance was absolutely brilliant, but more about that on the next blog post!



















Thank you so much everyone for the sweet birthday wishes, the wonderful gifts and surprises and the unforgettable memories. My 18th birthday could not have been better. Wo ai nimen!