A visit to the Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Center

Our MESCA (Middle East, South- and Central Asia) group went to ACDC on the weekend. I am not talking about the famous rock band, no, we went to the Anatolia Cultural and Dialogue Center. ACDC is is a nonprofit organization established in 2007 to promote better understanding and closer relations between the Turkish and the Hong Kong community, aiming to be a forum of international cultural exchange while promoting Turkish Cultural Heritage. ACDC is offering a variety of cultural programs in Hong Kong, starting from Turkish and Chinese language classes, to cultural nights, Turkish cooking classes, music nights all the way to intercultural trips to various places in Turkey with different groups such as monks or scholars.


Our MESCA group hopped on a bus to Wan Chai and after a long ride we finally arrived at the Anatolian Cultural and Dialogue Center, where we were greeted by two friendly Turkish men. We all sat down in a lecture room decorated with beautiful Turkish paintings, tiles and Ebrus. Ebru is a traditional Turkish art, also known as Paper marbling. It is a method of water-based surface design, which can produce patterns similar to smooth marble or other stone, hence that name. The patterns are the result of color floating on and then carefully taken from the surface with paper or fabric.


After watching an video about Turkey as an introduction, we listened to a little speech about the importance of intercultural dialogue and the involvement of community in sharing culture by PhD student. Following that we had a very engaging discussion about the definition of conservative and liberal, a countries development and global issues. The highlight of our time at ACDC was the delicious Turkish food and tea that the ACDC team had ordered and prepared for us.




Our MESCA gathering then moved on to a celebration of Hanukkah in Central, with lots of delicious Jewish food and candles. It was a wonderful day with meaningful conversations and lots of intercultural exchange.