Back in Hong Kong!

Quite a long time has passed since I wrote my last blogpost! But as soon as the weekend comes, I will catch up on the missing posts about my crazy New Year’s Eve under the shadow of historical buildings and the first week of Li Po Chun. Oh, and I also entirely redid my corner, making it look very tropical and oriental at the same time 😉 I will upload photos when I find time, as well as the new website and blogdesign! This post is going to be fairly short, as I have a lot of work to do, but the next one will be up very soon!

After a quite pleasant flight (I had an entire row for myself) and a wonderful stop in Doha, that made me jealous of the people who had a layover that was long enough to visit the city and take part in a desert exploration, I am now back at Li Po Chun! The reunion with our co-years was unforgettable, even though it had only been three weeks. And who could not be happy be back, with all the hugs and smiles received and interesting stories to hear.

Second term has started with the speed of a racecar: We already have a pile of assessments and assignments to do by next week. All of us had wonderful holidays and got a lot of sleep, that we will all need, considering the fact that Term 2 and 3 are the most important terms at LPC. Talking about sleep: I had a real jet lag for the first time of my travel history on the first day of school. While all my lovely roomies were sleeping, I was wide awake  until 5:30 am, going to class with only 1 hour of sleep.  None of my efforts to fall asleep proved to be successful and at one point I felt so energized that I could have run a marathon! The perks of sleeping during a long flight, I would say. A lot of our Latinos who had a travel time of up to 32 hours are suffering from jet lag as well, waking up hourly in the middle of night. Thanks to my allnighter on day 1, I am now over my jet lag and am ready to tackle the cold in Hong Kong. It is very cold, and everybody on campus is wrapped up in several layers of clothes. I am still struggling with accepting the fact that I have to walk by a palmtree dressed in two shirts and a thick pullover with boots on my legs. Quite unusual for me 😀 And apparently it is going to get even colder!

Stay tuned!