New Term, New Adventures

I deeply apologize for the shortness of the following blog posts, but the next week is packed with assignments, tests and work. One of the perks of being at Li Po Chun is a to-do list that is never empty! However, I did not want to make you wait too long for a new blog post, so I’ll give a little bit of feedback. That being said, you know that 2nd term is quite challenging and time management has got a whole new meaning in consideration of the steadily increasing workload. But of course, more has happened and besides spending quite a bit of time on getting more comfortable with the IB and its requirements I have also had the opportunity to do expand my non-academic work to more writing: As part of our school newsletter team, I helped re-invent it and also interviewed some of our teachers who are unfortunately going to leave us next school year. Sylla, our History teacher and quite the most extraordinary person I was taught by so far (he is a polyglott and knows about most of the happenings in all of our countries. And of course, gave me a totally new perspective on history), will be teaching at the newly opened Robert Bosch College in Freiburg Germany, and Ming, one of our Math teachers will be continuing his path in one of Japan’s best high schools. So, once the newsletter is out, I will upload it for you.


As well, I will be part of two theater productions of our second-years this term: One is inspired by Hermann Hesse’s fairy tale “Augustus”, a beautiful and very deep story, and the other one is quite extraordinary in the sense that it will take place in the water. And by that I truly mean it: we will be acting inside the pool! More updates about that will follow soon! Coming back to the first theatre production that will take place in about two weeks: Hermann Hesse is a German novelist, poet and painter who received the Nobel Prize of Literature in 1946. His works are beautiful and usually explore the topics of an individual’s search for authenticity, self-knowledge and spirituality. If you can find a translation (or, of course, If you can read German) you should definitely read Siddharta, a novel that deals with the journey of self-discovery during the time of Gautama Buddha and takes place in India.

Well, life in second term is wonderful, yet very different. The first term excitement is gone, friendships have been established, our rooms and campus have become “home” and slowly everyone has discovered their favorite study spot on campus. In my case: the library. Due to the cold weather, I spent the first week being sick (and all of Friday in bed), but our lovely Moroccan chef made me the best chicken soup I have ever had to cure me. It is these small gestures, that brighten a person’s day and I surely cannot thank him enough. And yes, I do feel better, with only my running nose and scratchy voice remaining. Also, there is a new article in the German newspaper “Spiegel” about me, if you want to read it, click here.

And: I am incredibly excited for the next weeks, that are going to be packed with lots of events: the Chinese Cultural Evening is coming up, as well as Chinese New Year and our Project Week! So, stay tuned!


Photo: Dutch National Archives, The Hague, Fotocollectie Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANEFO)