Sweaty walls, first aid and experiments with fishballs

What a week! Now you might be wondering: “What? The walls were sweating?” Yes. The humidity has reached 96% and now that the weather started to slowly warm up again, all walls in school were covered with little droplets of water that over the course of the past two days have turned into big drops forming puddles. The mirrors in the girls bathroom were all fogged up and it felt like as if someone poured a big bucket of water over the entire campus. The stairs and floors were all framed by yellow “Caution! Wet floor”-signs and by the end of the day I returned to my room with a sticky pullover and poodly-hair! Oh, Hong Kong weather! I now understand why all of the schools buildings are covered with tiles! Any other material would not withstand this weather!







Talking about water: In less than 3 days I will be sitting in the airplane to Malaysia! Project Week is coming up and as a Coral Monitor I will have the incredible chance to go diving in Sipadan, one of world’s Top 10 Dive spots! Yesterday Darren distributed our dive gear (including turquoise fins, brand new buoyancy control devices and wetsuits) and I cannot put into words how happy I was to wake up every morning and see my dive gear beside my bed. Selwyn, our school’s art teacher and one of our supervisors for Coral Monitoring said that we will almost be guaranteed to see sharks during our trip! I cannot wait to cross off another dream of my bucket-list. The ocean is calling! (I won’t let slight cold and hurt ankle I have right now  hinder me from diving!)





As well, First Aid Training has started! To become an official First Aider at school, we must undergo a course conducted by the St. John Ambulance Association and obtain certification. As First Aid group we support the College in emergency situations including injuries and sicknesses, help check on the needs of those who are sick, support the school nurse to maintain the first aid boxes and coordinating assistance at functions such as blood donor days, open days and on other special occasions. Overall, the purpose is to help the community with health and safety issues. It is quote a lovely yet long training period with lots of new knowledge acquired and laughter shared.




















As said, we did not have Quan Cais this week due to mock exams, yet that did not mean we are not busy. A few days ago we conducted our Group 4 Projects, an interdisciplinary activity  in which all students must conduct an experiment and a lab report of their choice. The theme of this year was “The Wet Market” and we were free to create a lab of our choice as long as it was scientific and related to the Wet Market. I am in one group with Angelos (Greece), Belce (Turkey), Brage (Norway) and Titus (Hong Kong).We chose to investigate the protein content of different types of fishballs, a very common dish made from grounded fish meat, by conductin the Bradofr Method and Biuret test, as well as using a spectrophotometer to determine the wavelength of different protein stock solutions . The project was very enjoyable and a scientific journey in itself,  as it caused us to question our experiments and take a different look at every day items.