Latin American Cultural Evening

This  and the last months have been – to be frank – “crazy”. First years are drowning in assignments and tests, and second years are receiving their university application results while at the same time preparing for final exams. And in between our never decreasing workload there was LACE, our Latin American Cultural Evening. A little island of happiness and pura vida.













The week leading to LACE was filled with wonderful pre-events, ranging from a colorful carnival, a poolparty to the reading of Nahuales (ancient tails) and a Pinata! My absolute favorite time of the week was lunch:The canteen was filled with the sound of Latin American music and people dancing or teaching the steps to Salsa, Bachata, Samba.





I absolutely loved the profile photos that were taken for LACE promotion: they told the stories of ancient tales and mystical creatures, e.g. Vanessa’s (Colombia), showing La Madre de Agua:  It is an amphibious being who chooses to live most of the time underwater. There, as a water nymph, leaning on a cane coral, unravels the net of its bitterness. With a blank look, she searches for her young Indian lover in the streams of the rivers. Her Spanish grandfather never approved the love that she had with the aboriginal…
Mother of the river, small sleepwalker of silent reefs; in addition of her penchant for transparency, clouds and birds, the Mother of Water likes children. With snail sounds, with crystal butterfly messages, with bouquets of white flowers that light in silica bedrooms, she attracts them to the edge of the river. Those who have seen the grimaces of the face in the mirror of the water, get sick and, unable to forget the abyss, they run in search of the golden hair and the mirage of the blue-eyed singer.”


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The evening itself was just as, if not even more, marvelous than the pre-events themselves. As always during the cultural evenings, the canteen was decorated with flags and students were dressed nicely. The dresscode for our blocks were Reggaeton, Tropical, Tango and Rancheros. Dinner was yummy: Tacos, rice and beans, pico de gallo and sweet desserts.







The LACE show incorporated the history of Latin America as well as modern day cultural aspects. It started with the arrival of the Spaniards and ended with a collection of traditional and funny scenes. I realized how much I missed Mexico and my host family on that night! Also, Jesus, our school’s Spanish teacher was part of the show, reciting a famous poem by Pablo Neruda. Now this blogpost does not do justice to the wonderful cultural evening, the stunning dance performances, the colorful memories, the happiness spread, but I promise, videos will be uploaded soon so you can get a glimpse of all the wonderful moments.










































More photos are here