UNESCO Peacemaker’s Celebration

I do not recall having ever been more patriotic than this Saturday: I represented Germany with a booth at a “Peacemakers Celebration”, which was held at the Hong Kong Science Park and was the highlight of the “Peace for All Programme” of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Hong Kong (UNESCO HK) to promote peace and cultural diversity and  offers a platform for different age groups to experience and discover culture. It was a lovely day and various schools and students from Hong Kong participated with culture booths representing different countries. Li Po Chun students made up more booths than all other schools put together! When we got off the bus, we looked like a big rainbow was flooding the area with traditional costumes, flags, and delights brought from home.

列印The Germany booth was a collaboration of us and a local all girl’s school (St. Paul’s Secondary School). We brought bags full of flyers and info posters from the German Consulate, as well as fact sheets that we had designed. The girls had a big surprise for us: they had made a Christmas tree covered with German flags! There was black, red and gold everywhere and we had also managed to bring our “dirndl” and “Lederhosen” (these are actually not traditional German dresses, rather mostly present in the Southern parts of Germany, however, we still decided to wear them).




_DSC0110All booths looked amazing – Shuchi’s parents (Bangladesh) had brought decoration from home, the Latinos had even painted a huge and colorful poster for their Peru booth and the students representing Pakistan had even brought a little carpet and traditional costumes for everyone at their booth. We met three ladies from the consulate of Kuwait who were so sweet that we spent quite a lot of time talking to them about their work with students and efforts towards promoting peace. They had prepared delicious Middle Eastern desserts and for us MESCA students it was like a peace of home.

_DSC1154 _DSC1080 _DSC1078












A convivial afternoon was spent by wandering around different country culture booths, appreciating arts pieces and games under the board theme of peace (my absolute being the game our Australian students had put together, where you had to land an airplane on a picture which matched your answer to a question), watching various cultural performances and participating in cultural discovery activities.

_DSC1145 _DSC1123 _DSC1195 _DSC1052 _DSC1025

What a great day to actively engage in peace promotion and share our cultures!

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