The UWC Spirit – the 1st Film about United World Colleges

“Have you seen Harry Potter? You go to this place; it’s called Hogwarts… But Hogwarts doesn’t exist. It is a product of unrestrained imagination. And that is a UWC there. It is the product of the unrestrained imagination of Kurt Hahn 50 years ago. Kurt Hahn believed that bringing a diverse group of people together for a transformational learning experience could create a more peaceful world. This is the idea behind the first United World College and what we call United World College movement today”

With these words the trailer to an absolutely wonderful and unique documentary starts: “The UWC Spirit”. It is the first documentary about the United World Colleges movement with the aim of showing it to different audiences and thus enlarging its impact. Now, I could write more about this trailer, my emotions and thoughts about it, but then this blog post would turn into a little book, so I leave it to you to watch the trailer:

The movie crew needs your help to gather enough funds to finish the post-production. Here are the important links:

Fundraising Campaign
Official Facebook Page