Our very last “Buddy” Outing

Hello everyone! No, I did not forget blogging, as some of you asked me in your e-mails. After the end of my first year of LPC I took a three week break which included minimal use of computers and technology and maximum time outdoors exploring the forests and historical sites of Berlin. What could be more strangely fascinating than being a tourist in your own hometown? 😉 Now, after my three week break and before writing all about my lovely time in Germany’s capital city, I first want to catch up on a few blog post which I haven’t had time to finish writing yet: my experiences in the last weeks of Term 2 (and Year 1) at LPC.

Having finished the IB exams, a sudden realization struck us all – and particularly the first years. With only a few days of school left, all of which filled with seminars on university applications and room clearings, we noticed that these would be our last days of LPC with our secondyears. Surely, we will see each other again, but that reunion will never quite be the equivalent of a year of living together. Everybody was rushing around and trying to spend as much time with their secondyears as possible. Munya (Zimbabwe) and me decided to take our buddy and Israeli secondyear Shira on a last buddy outing. Having made this decision, finding time to do so turned out to be quite difficult. Hence, we ended up having our buddy breakfast early in the morning before our university application seminar. As Munya and me both lacked some sleep in the last weeks, Shira had the honour of waking us up to make sure that nobody accidentally turned off the alarm. It was for sure the loveliest way I have been woken up in a year. After a few minutes of snuggling and cuddling Shira and me knocked on Munya’s door. Once our buddy team was complete, we then made our way to 100% Café, a cute little place right by the Wu Kai Sha MTR station. We had buddy dinner once at that place, and after having breakfast there we decided to make it a tradition. (A little shout-out to Munya’s and my future buddy: get ready for an outing at 100% Café ;))


Our table was fairly big and after a few minutes of carefully studying the menu and selecting our breakfast treats, a local family  joined us. Their order came before ours did, so Shira, Munya and me got a lovely glimpse into their breakfast interaction and exchanged smiles. Shira ordered oatmeal, while Munya and me took bites of our PBJ and cheese toasts.  Our “Buddy, buddy” (how we refer to each other) told us about her future plans after LPC, and one of the most exciting  topics for me was the fact that Israel has a mandatory two year military service for not only men but also women.  When it comes to gender equality, no armed forces outrank the IDF.  Shira is quite excited for her 2 years of military service ahead and I would absolutely love to hop in her backpack and capture all of her experiences with my camera. Besides that we talked about life at LPC, Chinese food and how Hong Kong has become a second home.  Talking about home, Shira, was and is the most amazing buddy Munya and I could have ever wished for. Some amazing memories have been made this year and thinking about them reminded us both once again how much we will miss Shira and her positive energy that is surrounding her and making everyone around her smile.















Our breakfast time passed too fast and we rushed back to school to take a seat in the lecture room. The University application seminar given by our college counselor Kalpana waited for us. After two hours of carefully examining the guidelines for great college application essays and reading through a few examples all of us returned to our usual life on campus thinking about how quickly time passed by. Who would have thought that it’s already time for college essays? We were all  little bit intimidated yet also excited about the upcoming opportunity to write essays about our passions and experiences that make us who we are. But you will hear more from me about college and applications in future blog posts.