A new design and an unexpected little surprise

Hi everyone,

Finally – after months of drafting designs, picking and unpicking colors and thinking back and forth, I redesigned my blog. It looks much more like I initially intended it. I hope that the new layout does not confuse you. The old blogposts are of course still up, only the design is different. Instead of having each posts as a summarized little block, it now features an infinite blogroll with the latest post on top, a little welcoming page and a homepage showing my favorite picture of my current location. I have always wanted to change my blog and have a much more simplistic design, only did I not have time to do so. Well, I made time this weekend and finally did what I should have done last summer! 😀 I hope you like it. I also renamed my blog “augenblicke.”If you have read the “Welcome” page, then you will already know why:


(n.) lit. “in the blink of an eye”; a ‘decisive moment’ in time that is fleeting yet momentously eventful and significant.

I want this blog to continue existing beyond my time at UWC and deeply wish to keep on writing about my next adventures and journeys. Simply, I hope to make this page a space for the honest dispatches of a young woman trying to live mindfully and explore the world around her while not forgetting about special moments: augenblicke!

I also purchased a space and video upgrade, so brace yourselfes for a few interactive blogposts featuring videos instead of text 😉 I feel like it is time to do something a little different. Also, a gallery of my favorite pictures – happy and sad, crazy and calm, cozy and strange – will be uploaded very soon, together with a page for quotes and thoughts. Just give me a few weeks – our trial examinations are coming up and for the next days my laptop and notebook will have to make spore for study guides and folders.

On another note: today a lovely little surprised awaited me. Jessica had picked up an envelope for me from the LPC main office – it was from the UWC Network Germany! And it smelled like cinnamon! 😀 Curious about the magical smell I could not wait to open it and guess what was inside: a lovely postcard from Rahel (AC ’08) and Lisa (AW ’04) who I had met before even embarking on my UWC adventure. Included in the envelope were two bags of Yogi Tea. Tea and a postcard in an envelope – it could not be any sweeter! The postcard depicts a house with white graffiti on it, saying “Menschlicher Wille kann alles versetzen. Dieses Haus stand früher in einem anderen Land” in German, meaning “The human will can move anything. This house once stood in a different country” in English. Food for thought 😉

DSC_0006 (2)