Final IB Exams!

I have a few days left before my next exam. Three papers down, ten to go! I am currently taking a study break from Math and decided to write a blogpost instead of going for a run today, as the weather is not necessarily in favor of my wish to exercise. It was raining a lot in the past days (pouring cats and dogs, as they’d say in the South), the warmth and the rain calling for evening walks under umbrellas. However, the weather quickly changed and before we knew the Hong Kong Observatory issued an amber warning signal and the grey clouds turned black, leaving us all in awe of the absolutely stunning thunderstor that was passing over us.

Due to the weather I decided to bring a few positive vibes in the room and am hence listening to my favorite Hawaiian bands while typing. If you are a fan of reggae and alternative I definitely recommend you to check out a few tracks from the following Oahu bands: Natural Vibrations, Makaukai (Makua) Rothman, Kolea and The Greens. I absolutely love each of their music, especially how their sound blends roots reggae with traditional Hawaiian vibes – they never fail to cheer me up and fill my corner with beachside atmosphere. One of my favorite songs is probably “Beautiful Life” by Makua Rothman, a half Jewish, half Native Hawaiian big wave surfer who also makes quite good music!

Well, having mentioned my corner: While last year I used to study in the library (click here to read about that study-adventure), this year I decided to study in my own room, as I have a lovely corner by the window through which I don’t only have a great view on trees and nature, but also on the main road that connects Block 3 to Block 4 and Block 2. This way, I not only have more light, but also much more privacy than in the library. Exam time is always a funny time to be around campus. When taking a walk you can easily see the filled up computer rooms of each residential block, not only filled with students, but also piles of books, notes and sticky notes all over the walls. Similarly the library is also crowded as ever, with everyone having established their own place and trying out new creative ways of studying.

In the face of the IB finals, my corner has also transformed from a warm and cozy tea-place decorated with lights to a functional study space. I replaced the photos on my wall with sticky notes, timelines and other study-helpers. However, I missed the positive vibe my colorful photos gave my corner, hence I improvised by getting a string and hanging them on it with cute little clips. The corkboard which I had used for almost anything but pasting notes on it, is now in full use as a “study-timetable” with a printed overview of my exam times and to-do lists along with inspirational quotes and a lucky charm from a Chinese temple.

While making space for studying it doomed on me that I am approaching the end of year was approaching faster than expected and there would come the day on which I was expected to simply store two years of my life in Hong Kong in two suitcases that do not exceed 30kg! Whaaa!

Hence, after having rearranged my table I proceed by starting a proper pre-study and spring cleaning project 😀 I managed to sort out almost all of my winter clothes and gave special pieces away to people who I know would appreciate them and decided to hold a “mini-flea market” in my corner. I loved my first flea market so much that whenever I found another bunch of clothes and things that I would not be able to take back to Germany due to weight restrictions that I held two more flea markets 😀 It was a lot of fun and many girly and hilarious conversations emerged when I put my dresses and heels on sale. I kept the pieces that are “pass-downs” for my German and Turkish firstyears and buddies – I cannot believe that now it is my turn to pass them down, I still remember the day I received them. All of that being said, I have to get back to studying.

As you probably already guessed, I will not be blogging until the exams are over in order to fully focus on studying… even though I would prefer to write blogposts instead. I promise I will upload photos of our graduation dinner and the actual graduation (which is now only 18 days away!) as soon as possible. As I did last year, during my study time off WordPress, I want to leave you with the latest LipDup (Brownie points if you spot me!)